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Freelancer/ Real Estate Investor/ Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition/ Oh Canada/

Do you want to play a game? We should all quit our jobs and go viral.

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I just sold my house for $870,000. It sold for $140,000 over the asking price in 4 days. It went to a young couple with entry-level jobs — in my opinion, they severely overpaid.

I bought the property in the $400k range only two years ago. It is a cute…

Make way for the Great Resignation — remote work has changed our hearts and minds

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You have to work. At least in some fashion. Unless you are independently wealthy, in which case go back to your infinity pool and relax.

As for the rest of us, we have all had a day where we don't want to wake up, don’t want to face the day…

Habits of the world’s most successful people

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A couple years ago, a video went viral on Youtube called The “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine”. …

If you can earn $90k after taking a $300 Google course, the future of higher education is looking grim

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What used to be a sacred system has turned into an assembly line and profit machine. It breaks my heart to write that — I have always been an avid believer in higher education. I myself have a 5-year business degree and followed up with a certificate from Cornell University.

The truth from someone who took the leap

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We see it in the movies all the time —sticking it to your boss after years of stress and running around in circles for people you really don’t care about.

You dream about that moment when you walk out of the front doors of your (now former) office, sun on…

Being a successful creator, entrepreneur or freelancer is not going to be quick or easy.

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Sometimes the best gift someone can give you is sharing their mistakes and misconceptions. So, let me just start by saying this: if you are contemplating going solo, sh&* is about to get weird.

I used to work for two of Canada’s most successful real estate teams and before that…

You can probably achieve the same results using these tactics, even if you don’t have an audience yet.

Photo by author Juliet Collados via Instagram

Starting with zero audience, I managed to make $5,500 of passive income after spending only one hour writing an article. When the piece I am referring to went viral it:

  1. Launched my…

We don’t want digital content to be gig work.

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Online platforms are the new vehicles for the American dream. We have now seen the mass exodus of people leaving the traditional workforce to pursue this new dream of taking their online hustles full time — they are often after big earnings, independence, and financial freedom.

However, similar to the…

No, you will not require a yacht for this.

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I’m not going to come at you with another morning routine piece because, contrary to popular belief, lemon water will not make you a millionaire.

Instead, I want to discuss the notion that more so than routines or motivation, environment plays an even bigger role in success.

About one year…

Both personally and professionally

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“You’re supposed to be scared. When you’re born, you sign a contract with fate — you are immune to nothing, can die at any moment, and will lose it all.”

-The Sinner, Nick Haas, Season 3 Episode 6

A few years ago, I was struggling with some major anxiety. I’m…

Juliet Collados

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