If it worked, why do I still kind of (really) hate Tim Ferriss?

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When is the last time you were at a social gathering, met someone new, and in the midst of small talk, found yourself asking, “So what do you do for work?”.

North Americans glorify work culture.

We can’t help ourselves.

I have a friend from Brazil who explained that the most annoying thing about North Americans is that we are unable to socialize without talking about work. As soon as she said this, I blushed, instantly recognizing this trait in myself.

It was around that time that…

It takes a mental toll: the real takeaways of writing viral content

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Here is the thing about posting content on platforms for views: it can be exhausting.

Getting views means creating valuable content…and let me tell you, constantly feeling like I have to be producing something of value has left me feeling drained as of late. Writing content for different platforms is something I do aside from my regular day job, and I would be lying if I said that recently I haven’t been having to push myself to write.

Cue some divine intervention?

Oh, what a pleasant surprise I got when I routinely opened up my inbox and saw an email…

I earned $2,000 this month — tips from one side hustler to another

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I have a love/hate relationship with side hustles. I love them because they allow workers to reap the benefits of independent work while retaining the stability of a traditional role.

However, on the flip side, I have found that a lot of them need either:

  • Some sort of upfront financial investment
  • An unrealistic time commitment for little payback

I have an entire article dedicated to testing out three different side hustles and how I actually walked away with a decent chunk of money! …

Habits of the world’s most successful people

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A couple years ago, a video went viral on Youtube called The “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine”. It was made in partnership with Jim Kwik who is a multi-million dollar “brain coach” and American entrepreneur and it claims to explain the habits of some of the most successful people in the world…aka billionaires.

I had three initial reactions upon watching the video for the first time:

  1. This seemed super time consuming
  2. At the same time, this was not the bougie, Goop style itinerary I was expecting
  3. I was skeptical of how these items were meant to translate into (potentially) having…

No matter how large your income is

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I am going to be a little bit bold and assume that a lot of your money habits are bad habits that you do without even knowing about them.

Have you ever wondered why some people are rich and others are not? I believe that it is mostly because of their lifestyle and mindset.

The reality is that a lot of people have the opportunity to be rich. Some face far greater obstacles than others, but the opportunity is there to seize.

So many people spend their lives dwelling on the circumstances they were given while others pour themselves into…

Sincerely: a successful shy girl

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Boy, oh boy. So many of us introverts have been taught by society that we are not destined for success in the business world.

I bet Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet (all self-professed introverts) are glad they didn’t listen to that advice…

I always knew that I wanted the freedom that comes along with being an entrepreneur, but from an early age I can remember being told that I wasn't cut out for it because I was too “gentle” and “shy” — these are words from my high school business teacher!

Now I know better and that this…

No risk, no magic.

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There is an old saying that has been floating around social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest that goes:

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

It’s origin is questionable; some believe these are words from Pablo Picasso, and others say it was Alexander McQueen. Regardless, it endures because it is true.

Research finds that curiosity and innovation go hand in hand. It seems that when we break the rules and let ourselves explore and wonder rather than just following existing procedures, our ideas are more innovative.

Breaking rules is not only good…

A unique and profitable niche amid the pandemic

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Whenever I hear the word “startup,” I immediately think of a Simi Valley tech company run by a 22-year-old genius who already has 7 years of work experience at Google.

This perception can be disheartening, but realistically, this is not what the majority of startups look like.

Just like us, startups come in all shapes and sizes from full-time to part-time endeavors and from apps worthy of Shark Tank investors to …picnics?

Yes, picnics.

The event and food industry has largely taken a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic due to strict limitations on numbers for gatherings — weddings have been…

How I became an entrepreneur so I could move to paradise

Photo by author Juliet Collados via Instagram

It is a common dream: chuck it all, move to a remote beach, pick up surfing, work from your laptop, and never wear real shoes again.

It is a fantasy for most of us, but I actually did it.

For me, it was a long time in the making (a couple of years) because I wanted this to be a long-term and sustainable life rather than a quick fix.

I am here to tell you that at times it has been awesome, and at other times it has been downright weird and difficult — but it is possible to create…

When you delegitimize it, you are sending a strong and clear message to other people that your endeavour does not need to be taken seriously.

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What would you call a 30 year old woman who makes vegan snacks, records work out videos from her home, and sells them via her social media platforms… a passion-preneur? A #bossbabe?

Now, what if I told you that said woman is worth millions of dollars and her passion project afforded her two luxury homes in London and Ibiza? I bet that would change your labels.

This is the case of Caroline Deisler, a woman from Germany who has made millions off of her “side hustle” making healthy food and fitness videos that she posts to her Instagram.

It is…

Juliet Collados

/Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition/ Personal Finance Junkie/ Oh Canada/

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