Make way for the Great Resignation — remote work has changed our hearts and minds

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You have to work. At least in some fashion. Unless you are independently wealthy, in which case go back to your infinity pool and relax.

As for the rest of us, we have all had a day where we don't want to wake up, don’t want to face the day, and especially don’t want to go to work.

But what if you’re just, like, done…?

Well, this is a growing sentiment as countries worldwide are seeing a huge wave of resignations causing a labour shortage.

If you are feeling this way, it's going to take more than a double espresso…

The truth from someone who took the leap

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We see it in the movies all the time —sticking it to your boss after years of stress and running around in circles for people you really don’t care about.

You dream about that moment when you walk out of the front doors of your (now former) office, sun on your face and looking freedom straight in the eye.

Two years ago, I actually did it. I left the corporate world and turned my side hustle into a full-time consulting gig. …

If it worked, why do I still kind of (really) hate Tim Ferriss?

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When is the last time you were at a social gathering, met someone new, and in the midst of small talk, found yourself asking, “So what do you do for work?”.

North Americans glorify work culture.

We can’t help ourselves.

I have a friend from Brazil who explained that the most annoying thing about North Americans is that we are unable to socialize without talking about work. As soon as she said this, I blushed, instantly recognizing this trait in myself.

It was around that time that…

It takes a mental toll: the real takeaways of writing viral content

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Here is the thing about posting content on platforms for views: it can be exhausting.

Getting views means creating valuable content…and let me tell you, constantly feeling like I have to be producing something of value has left me feeling drained as of late. Writing content for different platforms is something I do aside from my regular day job, and I would be lying if I said that recently I haven’t been having to push myself to write.

Cue some divine intervention?

Oh, what a pleasant surprise I got when I routinely opened up my inbox and saw an email…

Habits of the world’s most successful people

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A couple years ago, a video went viral on Youtube called The “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine”. It was made in partnership with Jim Kwik who is a multi-million dollar “brain coach” and American entrepreneur and it claims to explain the habits of some of the most successful people in the world…aka billionaires.

I had three initial reactions upon watching the video for the first time:

  1. This seemed super time consuming
  2. At the same time, this was not the bougie, Goop style itinerary I was expecting
  3. I was skeptical of how these items were meant to translate into (potentially) having…

It’s not all morning jogs and wheatgrass smoothies — welcome to my 80-hour workweek

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I could not be more of a millennial: I strive for financial freedom, drink kombucha religiously, and my rescue dog is essentially my child.

Oh, and I said f**k you to the corporate world to pursue my #sidehustle full time.

It’s not just me though, we are seeing it everywhere. Technology is propelling the millennial generation forward in a way we’ve never seen before. People are self-publishing, podcasting, consulting, content creating, copy editing, and so much more.

The “traditional” career path still exists but has become increasingly elusive as the world becomes increasingly digital.

If you have been toying with…

Alexa, play Ms.Independent

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Freelancing is hard. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. I am ashamed to say that I myself am guilty of “selling the dream” when people ask me how work is going.

Why? Because I’m stubborn and because I want it to feel like the dream that I thought it would be.

But I have come to learn that two things can be true at once: self-employment can be a dream come true as well as the most difficult thing you will ever do.

In June 2021, I earned over $8,000 from my freelance work, which means…

All of that clutter is money, and money is time

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Hop on YouTube, type in “minimalism,” and you will find countless videos that have gone viral showing people decluttering their homes.

We love to watch people organize their messes (aka their lives) — why do you think TLC’s Hoarders was such a hit?

However, it is not just about living in a neat and tidy house — the philosophy can also have a considerable impact on your finances.

Marissa Zen claims that financial minimalism helped her save $250,000, led her to pay off her debts, invest, and afford her dream life. …

A paycheque is an addiction — what if your job is holding you back?

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The usual path is: go to school, get a job, climb the corporate ladder, work for 40–50 years, pay your taxes, and rely on the government to pay you during your pension years.

The end.

Personally, that makes me feel uncomfortable. But for others, there is great comfort in this. Neither is right or wrong, the beauty in life is that we are all unique and aspire for different things.

However, if you have been toying with the idea of starting a business and not living out the more traditional option, you should start shifting your mindset…like, yesterday.

I fully…

It is time to ditch these self-improvement myths — they could be making you very unhappy.

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Everybody wants to be happier.

We all cling to the hope that we can succeed out in this big bad world, even if it is riddled with unfairness, if we just cultivate the right mindset.

But is the right mindset really enough to bring you an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about learning, growing, and improving in all aspects of life. …

Juliet Collados

/Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition/ Personal Finance Junkie/ Oh Canada/

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