Make way for the Great Resignation — remote work has changed our hearts and minds

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Habits of the world’s most successful people

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  1. This seemed super time consuming
  2. At the same time, this was not the bougie, Goop style itinerary I was expecting
  3. I was skeptical of how these items were meant to translate into (potentially) having…

The truth from someone who took the leap

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It is the opposite of what the rest of us have been taught but something we should all be privy to

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From workplace harassment and pay ceilings to financial and emotional freedom

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And what is our obsession with tiny things, anyway?

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  • School shootings
  • Mass murders
  • September 11th
  • A recession
  • The Iraq/Afghanistan war
  • The Covid-19 pandemic
  • A violent attack on the US Capitol
  • The highest divorce rate in history

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  • No following whatsoever
  • Only been…

And other customizable prompts I use to combat writer’s block

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Businesses are having to modernize traditional work arrangements to control the exodus of people leaving the work-force

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“Someone once told me ‘time is a flat circle.’ Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.”


The Great Resignation is here — we are tired of being the reasonable ones

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We have entered the era of entrepreneurs and freelancers

Juliet Collados

Freelancer/ Real Estate Investor/ Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition/ Oh Canada/

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