From one side hustler to another — I made $1,130 last month

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I have a love/hate relationship with side hustles. I love them because they allow workers to reap the benefits of independent work while retaining the stability of a traditional role.

However, on the flip side, I have found that a lot of them need either:

I have an entire article dedicated to testing out three different side hustles and how I actually walked away with a decent chunk of money! …

When you delegitimize it, you are sending a strong and clear message to other people that your endeavour does not need to be taken seriously.

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What would you call a 30 year old woman who makes vegan snacks, records work out videos from her home, and sells them via her social media platforms… a passion-preneur? A #bossbabe?

Now, what if I told you that said woman is worth millions of dollars and her passion project afforded her two luxury homes in London and Ibiza? I bet that would change your labels.

This is the case of Caroline Deisler, a woman from Germany who has made millions off of her “side hustle” making healthy food and fitness videos that she posts to her Instagram.

It is…

The Two Ways I Significantly Fuel My Income With Minimal Work

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“How do I make money from a side hustle?”

Many of my friends have asked me that question because of one of my last articles about how I tested out three popular side hustles and walked away with a good chunk of money.

The truth is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, you should essentially be doing the opposite. You should be studying a proven idea that has worked well for others and then executing it with your personal touch.

I am the queen of a good ole’ side hustle, but one thing I won’t settle for…

Habits of the world’s most successful people

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A couple years ago, a video went viral on Youtube called The “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine”. It was made in partnership with Jim Kwik who is a multi-million dollar “brain coach” and American entrepreneur and it claims to explain the habits of some of the most successful people in the world…aka billionaires.

I had three initial reactions upon watching the video for the first time:

You do not need to be harboring a technological breakthrough in order to succeed.

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Freedom seekers are always looking for new and inventive ways to start their own business in pursuit of financial independence, an outlet for creativity, and control over their career paths.

Many people dream of making this a reality but the trouble is, you first need to come up with a winning concept.

Stephen Key, author of One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs: Live Your Dreams and Create Your Own Profitable Company, explains “you have to come up with a lot of ideas to be successful.”

In other words, your first idea is likely not going to be the one…

These scenarios can be difficult for people-pleasers like me.

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I have never been popular. I have always been the person with 3–4 very close lifelong friends and have accepted that I will never be the girl who has 14 bridesmaids standing beside me at my wedding.

The introvert in me loves this.

However, when I started University, it was the first time in my life that people wanted to infiltrate my circle. The braces were gone, my eyes temporarily lifted from the books to check out this new world, and people thought I was cool!

I had an awesome time, but 10 years later looking back at things with…

This Helped Me Acquire $1.5 Million In Real Estate In My 20's

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I still cry every time I watch the scene from Jurassic Park when they stand up in the Jeep and see the brachiosaurus for the first time.

I was probably only six or seven years old when I saw the film for the first time, and it brought me to tears even then. Although I did not understand it at the time, now I do …this is why movies are made.

I have not found a single person who has:

As I got older, my admiration for…

Taking Your Freedom One Consumer Good At A Time: The First Step To Rejecting It Is Understanding It

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Every millennial and their dog wants to become financially independent by 35, but not everyone has quite figured out how. We are the generation of side hustles and questioning authority…yet we are also entitled and consume like never before.

Financial independence and early retirement, also known as the FIRE movement, are completely attainable within 7–10 years with the right balance of investing, side hustle work, and saving 60–70% of your income.

A perfect example of a couple who perfectly executed this process is Amon and Christina Browning of Our Rich Journey, who retired by the age of 39, but there…

The 3 Golden Rules

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At 29 years old, I have acquired over $1.5 million in real estate.

Generally speaking, people have a love/hate relationship with wealth — they want it for themselves but are simultaneously bitter about those who have it.

Of course, there are exceptions, but it seems that the main reason more people aren’t building more wealth (and are bitter about it) is that we are not taught the basic nature of how money works or even how to get started in the world of investing.

Personally, I chose to invest in real estate because historically, it is one of the safest…

Habits From The Billionaire’s Morning Routine & FIRE Movement

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Generally speaking, people have a love/hate relationship with wealth and money— they want it for themselves but are simultaneously bitter about those who have it.

This notion led me to test out and write an article on the billionaire’s morning routine (presented by Jim Kwik), and I learned that a lot of the world’s most successful people actually share many of the same basic habits.

I am 29, and when I tell my friends and family that I am on track to retire at 35, let's just say the looks I…

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